One for the birds

Let me start with a confession: I am a bird-nut from a birding family who spends a lot of time in birding circles. Birds are my life. Literally – being a bird-nut often puts food on my table.

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Panning for Creative Effect

Panning is a technique used to freeze a moving subject while still conveying a sense of speed. However, panning doesn’t have to be just about capturing movement; it can be used to bring new life to stationary objects, creating works of art. I’ve come to love exploring with slow shutter speeds as the results are really unpredictable. In this article I tell you how I go about capturing images like the one above.

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7 Things Photography Taught Me About Life

Warning: this article contains opinionated and philosophical content.

OK, so a little while ago I read this article about how a different set of lifestyle circumstances changed the way the photographer experienced her photography. That got me thinking about my journey, and how, for me, it was the other way around. Yes, sure, life taught me a lot in photography, but photography gave me a whole different perspective on life, too.

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Beginners’ Basics For Shooting In Midday Light

The trickiest light to get right. And light I’m forced to work with very often as a travel photographer. This article was inspired by the obvious fact that so many photographers, especially beginners, so obviously struggle with this type of light. And, since midday happens everyday, you will, at some stage, be faced with this challenge. Here are some tips for working the light in your favour.

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