Get to know the Admins : Gita Claassen

Hello, Grethe here! 🙂 Continuing with our Get to Know the Admins series, I want to cast the spotlight today on my partner in crime, the magnificent Gita Claassen! 🙂

When I founded SA Women Photographers, nobody really understoon and valued my vision as much as Gita did – she just got it! This made her the perfect and logical choice to be my co-pilot and I haven’t regretted it for a day! 🙂 She does a lot of work for our community and I cannot manage without her!
Gita is an extremely talented and passionate travel, lifestyle and journalistic photographer and person and I think I love her most for her take no prisoners -attitude. I managed to corner her for some twenty questions! 🙂

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Get to know the Admins: Grethe Rosseaux

We all know Grethe as the driven, mouthy badass with pink hair and an incredible talent for fashion photography. She’s been wildly successful in her career, and an inspiration for women photographers everywhere. She’s also the founder of SAWP, and the only person I know who rivals my capacity for whisky and tea. I asked her a couple of burning questions.

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