Tax season often fills many creatives – especially photographers – with much trepidation and panic. What is a tax writeoff? When do I have to register my business? AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………

SA Women Photographers chatted to Wilma Agenbag, a SAIT-registered tax practitioner from Trust Accounting Services in Paarl for some answers to those burning questions!

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GUEST POST: What happens when it hurts?

Being a photographer gives you the privilege to hold some of the most modern and expensive equipment around in your own hands often! Unfortunately the only problem with this is holding and handling these camera’s and their accompanying lenses for hours on end with little breaks in between.

This results in many different issues such as acute and chronic injuries, and could not only leave you with tremendous pain but also not being able to continue your work at hand.

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Get to know the Admins : Gita Claassen

Hello, Grethe here! 🙂 Continuing with our Get to Know the Admins series, I want to cast the spotlight today on my partner in crime, the magnificent Gita Claassen! 🙂

When I founded SA Women Photographers, nobody really understoon and valued my vision as much as Gita did – she just got it! This made her the perfect and logical choice to be my co-pilot and I haven’t regretted it for a day! 🙂 She does a lot of work for our community and I cannot manage without her!
Gita is an extremely talented and passionate travel, lifestyle and journalistic photographer and person and I think I love her most for her take no prisoners -attitude. I managed to corner her for some twenty questions! 🙂

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High-fives all around!

Hello everyone – if you’re reading this, you’re probably part of the SA Women Photographers group on Facebook! 🙂 If so, I want to thank you so much for your contribution and part in making the group what it is – I never could’ve imagined it taking off the way it did, but here we are – almost 400 members and counting! 😀

For a while now, I’ve been wondering how to make the experience more valuable and enriching for everyone and then one day (thanks to a suggestion by a lady in the group) I realised that a blog would be a great platform to keep much of the information imparted on the group in one place. Many things are said and lots of advice are given, but it sometimes gets lost as the timeline progresses and valuable bits of wisdom are no longer accessible. Ergo, this blog!

Some of you may have been added to the group by a friend and do not even know who you’re talking to, well… hi, I’m Grethe! 🙂
I admin the Facebook group alongside Lezzet Abbott and Abby-Ann Tochterman, my two wingwomen in Johannesburg. I’m a fashion and conceptual/fine-art/weirdness photographer from Cape Town (well, Somerset West, to be precise) and I started the group in order to give a voice and an empowering platform for women in the South African photography industry to share their images, ask advice, gain feedback and connect with each other. So far, I’ve been rather pleased with the turnout! 😀

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What I aim to do with this blog is to have general photography-related talk going on here: from technique discussions to financial and business how-to and everything in-between. Guest posts are welcome and 100% encouraged, as I believe one can learn something from anyone so please do email me at if you have an idea and/or something to talk about!

I know that there’s a wealth of information about photography on the internet and it’s constantly on the increase but if you don’t know where to start looking it can be very daunting, which is why I really want to tailor the posts and information on here for our very specific demographic.

At the moment I don’t have a set update schedule in mind, but we will have to see how this goes – for now, that’s all from me! 🙂

BIG THANK YOU to my homeboy Gita Claassen for all her help to make the blog look so super snazzy! ❤